Why this project?

The idea of ​​creating a biometric reader came when we were ourselves users. Indeed most readers are not simple electronic modules but must melt in the company's computing (management of wages, follow-up delays, access security etc ...)
In addition the hardware on the market requires large wiring efforts, often the opening of the doors is done via serial connections. When you talk about access you will also like to have the video (the doorman function) but the still you have to wire to a desk that will not necessarily always the same. The databases used are often closed or proprietary. And when it's down, you can only change the device which is sometimes more compatible with what we had already installed.
On the basis of this problem, we have reflected on a piece of equipment which, via the lan network (or Wifi), can take all of this functionality into account simply and even include the database in order to reduce costs and simplify the deployment.
To achieve this goal, we started from known component for example the motherboard is a Raspberry Pi 3 sold has more than 12 Million copies. This card is powerful but also very reliable. And we tried to do it for all components.